Urbina Designs Jewelry

Handmade in Oakland, California

Colors, patterns, Matisse!

Visiting the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is a weekly ritual for me, and an endless source of inspiration. One of the ways I support my choice to be a self-employed artist in a very expensive city is to try and stay active and engaged in all the wonderful things there are to do here in the beautiful and cultural Bay Area! As of March 11, the Matisse/Diebenkorn Exhibit has gotten a lot of my attention! Richard Diebenkorn grew up in San Francisco, and studied the work of Henri Matisse for decades. It is fascinating to see how his work is influenced and reinterpreted in his own equally colorful style. The curators knew what they were doing with this match up. This show runs through May 29.

A couple of my favorite paintings from this exhibit are shown below. The first painting shown is "Odalisque sitting with Board" by Matisse. How fascinating that he chose female concubines as his inspiration for a series of paintings. The second painting shows Diebenkorn's "Sleeping Woman". The colors are so very lovely and beautifully placed. I particularly love that even though the figure of the woman is typically abstract, I really feel the irrepressible tangibility of her presence. The last picture shows how the explosion of colors and patterns in this exhibit were reinterpreted by me in the hand beaded necklace shown. A combination of many different gemstones, this diligently individually hand-knotted necklace is a meditation and a sparkly homage to the balanced yet asymmetrical compositions of these Master Modern Painters! It will be listed for sale this week in my Etsy store. Thanks for visiting!

Spring is sprung!

"...sweet spring is your
time is my time is our
time for springtime is love time
and viva sweet love" - ee cummings

Early Spring is upon us. Time to pull out our summery clothes, and collect new crushes, or reinvigorate existing loves. A couple of my greatest loves are textured surfaces and beautiful patterns. When I was a little girl, I thought that wearing patterns with patterns was okay. So if I had blue pants on with red flowers, a green blouse with white flowers made a great match, because both things were flower patterns! It made perfect sense to me and kept me interested in my wardrobe, and that always felt fun. I tend towards basic black now mostly. But where I do still enjoy wearing an assortment of patterns is in the form of stylish stack rings in rollerprinted gold and oxidized silver. Stacking and feature bands shown here are available on my Urbina Designs etsy store. More fun flowery patterns coming soon!