Urbina Designs Jewelry

Handmade in Oakland, California


Jewelry was only a hobby for me while I attended art school in New York City in the early 1980's. Graphic Design was the focus of my studies but I was also working on other creative interests, including silk screening, photography, clothing design and jewelry design. During my 12-year career in the field of Graphics I created jewelry for fun and profit.


After moving to San Diego in 1984, I began studying the art of hat-making as yet another creative hobby! Shortly thereafter I began marketing my hat and jewelry creations at local arts & crafts festivals and neighborhood street fairs. I left the field of Graphics in 1992 to work full-time as a milliner for a local hat shop. The hat shop also displayed fine fashion jewelry and it wasn’t long before my designs were added to the collection. At that time I was still assembling purchased components. In 1993 I started learning the art of silver and gold fabrication. After 2 years of intense studies I was satisfied with my skill level and started marketing my collection full-time. The knowledge to create a bezel setting or a unique charm or component from scratch took my jewelry to a higher level. Since July of 2000 I have resided in Oakland, California and have worked full-time as a metal artist and jewelry designer.